Jumat, 14 April 2017

Interview with Syarif Rifa'i player professional futsal

Informant        : Syarif Rifa’i
Interviewer      : Lam Alif Saputro
Special Skills   : Futsal

Alif      : Since when did you like sport of futsal

Rifa’I  : Since childhood I have been fond of futsal, from elementary school I love to play soccer with four riends in school until now, futsal is still be sport that I most enjoy

Alif      : Why did you like the sport of futsal

Rifa’I  : I like futsal because the sport is fun and also taught me to work as a team, in addition to that of futsal I can find new friends

Alif      : Can you talk a little bit about the historical development of fusal

Rifa’I  : Futsal were found by Juan Carlos Ceriani di Montevideo, Uruguay 1930. Exercise of futsal with quickly spread throughout the south. In 1971, FIFUSA was established as the futsal and the first time held the word championships in Brazil. Then the FIFA to take over the worl championship in 1985. The involvement of FIFA in futsal help the sport had its popularity, and the evidence is today the sport futsal can playing all over the world.

Alif      : What other course to be considered to become futsal profeional

Rifa’I  : To be the futsal a professional first we have to have the will and determination, to practice, all the strategies and techniques of engineering to play futsal then has to be bold and confident when you’re in the field

Alif      : Do you have the idol

Rifa’I  : Yes I have the idol, she named Bambang Bayu Saptiaji

Alif      : Could you please tell me a little bit how to play futsal

Rifa’I  : Futsal is a sport a variety of football, playing with a smaller one in the field in the room. The players of futsal is the ball played with both feet or head. To be able to win the game a team should be able to score goals against opponets and maintain the goal of got the ball

Jumat, 31 Maret 2017


Water is really important for our life. I can not imagine if in this world no water, because almost all of our activity we need water. When we wake up in the morning we should to drinking water, it is important to our health. After that, we take a bath using water to keep our body clean and fresh. In breakfast we drinking coffee or tea and that is need water. For keep plants in the garden alive we had to flush the water to them. And many more useability of water for our life. It can be said water is our source of life.
In scientific discussion water is a compound that is essential for all life forms on earth, water is a chemical compound that is the result of bonding of the elements hydrogen (H2) which is fused with the elements oxygen (O) in this form compound H2O. The function of water for life can not be replaced by other compounds, the main water use and are vital to life are as drinking water. Not only for drinking water is also a lot of usefulness and very needed by humans such as for bathing, washing clothes, washing hands, etc. So it can be imagine if we live without water, it will be difficult for us to do daily activities

Water is very important for humans because loss of water to 15% from body weight can lead to death because of dehydration. Therefore, adults need to drink at least as much as 1.5-2 liters a day to balance in the body and help metabolism.

In the human body, water is needed to transport food substances in solution form and dissolve various kinds of substances the body needs. For example, for dissolving oxygen before entering the blood vessels that surround the alveoli.

In many places in the world there is a shortage of water supply, water resource management is not good can cause water shortages, monopolization and privatization and even fuel the conflict. It can be happends because of the persons itself. People cutting trees in the forest without planting it again for replace it. Deforestation to make settlements without thinking the risk will their get in the future. So lets keep our world safe with keep forest and planting trees. Because no trees will make too much disaster for our life.

Jumat, 17 Maret 2017


Talking about my ability, I think I do not have special abilities and stand it out. But I have an unique hobby and make my own ability that perhaps not everyone have it, that is Beatbox. I like it and interest to learn about beatbox since I was in Senior High School, in there I joined my school communities and start learn what is that beatbox and how to do it from my senior. And not just in the school, i learn it from youtube tutorial.

Beatbox is one of art form that focuses on generating sounds, rhythmic drum beats, musical instruments, as well as an imitation of the sounds of music more especially the sound turntable through the vocal organs of man such as the mouth, tongue, lips and cavities said other. Players beatbox or commonly known beatboxer able to demonstrate any form of sounds reliably. Beatbox is always associated with vocal percussion and with multivocalism. Although basically the same, but in general the beatbox difference lies in the relationship with hip hop culture and music. However, in practice beatbox also be applied to other music genres such as rock, pop, r & b, and so on.

With my hobby that can be said unique, i often show up my beatbox skill in sholl party, events, etc. And I ever follow the competition in Pontianak.

Selasa, 07 Maret 2017



1.     Why have you chosen the profession of an economist?
2.     Would you like to work for a company, teach economic disciplines at university or operate your own economic business?
3.     Do you think you have entrepreneurial flair or talent? What traits is a successful businessman supposed to possess?

1.     We chose economics educations at FKIP UNTAN because when senior high school we learned in the department of IPS, we actually do not want to be a teacher, we’re interested to be an entrepreneur. We chose economics education because the opportunity to work graduates economy was more. In addition to be a teacher we can also be entrepreneurs or can be employees in a bank.

2.     We would like to work for a company because we liked the work in the company, because of the small we want to work in one of the company’s renowned in Indonesia, and also to the future we also want to open the business myself, because we are very fond of and interested in the world of business, and we want to be a successful entrepreneur someday.

3.     We think, we have entrepreneurial flair. in our opinion, a successful businessman should have planning , organizing, directing and controlling
·        Planning, sets out what is to be done the company and the best way to do it
·        Organizing, is the process of arranging resources and activities into a logical structure
·        Directing is a manager guides and motivates employees to achieve company goals
·        Controlling is the process of monitoring the performance of the company achieve its goals